The fun they had English workshop

The fun they had English workshop

English workshop


1. Use the proper punctuation mark. 

(a) Where did you find it

(b) What’s it about

(c) They had a teacher

(d) How could a man be a teacher

(e) Sure, if they were the same age

2. The following sentences have an unusual meaning in 
the context of the story. Write what these sentences 
would mean today, and what they mean in the context 
of the story.

(a) She had been hoping they would take the teacher 
away altogether.

(b) They had taken Tommy’s teacher away for nearly 
a month.

(c) It wasn’t a regular teacher. It was a man.

(d) How could a man be a teacher ?

(e) A teacher has to be adjusted to fit the mind of 
each boy and girl it teaches.

3. Write words related to the following words. (At least ten words each.)

4. Discuss: How would you like to learn -
from a human teacher or a mechanical teacher ?
Present your arguments in the form of a chart.
Human teacher Mechanical teacher
Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
book school family
Use one minute 
to write one set 
of related words.
(e) “What’s it about ?”
(f) I’ve slowed it up.
(g) I don’t know.
(h) It wasn’t a regular teacher.

5. Rewrite the following using complete words instead of contracted forms.

(a) ...when you’re through.

(b) ...and it’s good for plenty more.

(c) I wouldn’t throw it away.

(d) She hadn’t seen as many telebooks.

6. Underline the verbs and choose the correct option from the brackets.
• Margie even wrote about it.
 (present tense/past tense)
• Today Tommy found a new book.
 (present tense/past tense)
• My father knows as much as my teacher.
 (present tense/past tense)
• Margie was scornful.
• This is the old kind of school.
• And the teachers were people ...
Thus, we see that verb forms show tense, number, etc. Here, the verb form changes 
according to the subject. A verb form which is decided by and changes according 
to the subject of the sentence is known as a finite verb.
Example: ‘You are very kind.’ If the subject ‘you’ is changed to ‘she’, the sentence 
will be ‘She is very kind.’
Now change the verb form according to the change in the subject.
I don’t know : Change ‘I’ to ‘She’.
My father knows : Change ‘My father’ to ‘We’
I am following in your footsteps : Change ‘I’ to ‘He’.

7. Activity : Live English : Online shopping

(a) Read the following conversation between two cousins. 
Tejaswini : Hi, Santosh. What are you thinking about ? 
Santosh : Hi, Teju. Next week’s Didi’s birthday. 
 We want to give her a surprise gift.
Tejaswini : Great idea ! What is your surprise gift ?
Santosh : Well, we don’t have any big shops here, there’s little to choose 
 from. Nothing new or surprising.
Tejaswini : So why don’t you try online shopping?
Santosh : Is it safe ?
Tejaswini : Yes, it is. If we take proper care, it is one of the most convenient 
 ways of shopping. Plus, you will get so much variety.
Santosh : True. But I don’t know how to do it.
Tejaswini : It’s ok. I will show you. Do you have an internet connection?
Santosh : Yes.
Tejaswini : That’s good, then. We can do it in five easy steps. Let’s start.

The fun they had English workshop

English workshop


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