Workshop of Walk a little slower

Workshop of Walk a little slower 


1. Read the poem aloud. 2. Put the words given in brackets in the proper blanks.

(a) The child is talking to its father . (father/ child)

(b) The father is leading and the child is following. (father/child)

(c) Someday the child will become a father
 . (father/child)

(d) The child does not wish to fall while following its father. (father/child)

2. Find and write pairs of rhyming words from the poem. (Words that appear at the 
end of the line.)

3. The meanings of the words in the following pairs show that they are related 
• Daddy/father D child • follow D lead
Find five more pairs of related words -
Examples : • teacher : • doctor : • give : 
• • • • •

4. The child in the poem requests his father to walk slower. Here, the poet implies that 
the child wants to understand his father’s actions better. The child would like to act 
the same way, but wants the father to be more understanding towards the child’s 
needs. What is implied in the following lines ?
(a) Sometimes, your steps are fast ...
(b) Sometimes your steps are hard to see ...
(c) I would want to lead just right ...
(d) And know that I was true.

5. Using your own ideas, frame three sentences that show continuous action.
Example : You are leading me.

6. Using your own ideas, frame at least three sentences that show future action or state.
Examples : • Who’ll (who will) want to follow me.
 • When I’m all grown up ...

7. Discuss the following and write the summary of your 
discussion in the form of bullet points.

(a) How are certain ideas/customs/knowledge 
 passed on from one generation to the next ?

(b) Is it necessary for children to follow the
 footsteps of their forefathers ? If yes, why ?
 Why is it sometimes necessary to change the old ways ?

8. Do you have a role model ? What qualities do you appreciate in your role model ?

9. Think of an occasion when you did not like the decision/actions of your family 
members but realised later on that they were right. Write about it in 5-8 lines.

10. Within two minutes, 
 write as many phrases 
 or sentences as you can 

 using ‘a little’.

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