Appreciation of the poem - Please Listen 9th class

Appreciation of the poem Please Listen 9th class

2.4. “Please Listen!”

1. Title: The title of the poem is 'Please Listen!'

2. Poet/Author: The poem is written by an unknown poet.

3. Rhyme scheme: The poem has no rhyme scheme. It’s a free verse.


4. Favourite lines: My favourite lines from the poem are:
“God just listens and lets you work
it out for yourself.”

5. Theme / central idea:
The poem celebrates the diversity in the universe. The poem also
reminds that all sorts of people and things are needed to make our
world beautiful. So many different things are present in the world.

6. Figure of speech:
The figure of speech in the poem is ‘simile’. Except for the last two
lines, the poem is filled with similes. The comparisons are made
explicit with the uses of ‘as’ throughout the poem.

7. Special Features: 
The poem has deep meaning. The poet has beautifully described the
importance of listening. We know sometimes “Silence is greater than words.” One
should not speak cranky. We have to improve our listening skills. After all,
‘A good listener is always a good speaker.’

8. Why i like the Poem: I like the poem for the message of listening. Now a days
everybody wants to give advice and suggestions to one another. We
should advice, speak and suggest anyone if asked.

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