Appreciation of the poem (Std: 9th) 1.1. Walk a little slower…..

Appreciation of the poem Std: 9th

1.1. Walk a little slower

1. TiTle:  The title of the poem is ‘Walk a little slower'

2. Poet/Author: The poem is written by an anonymous (unknown) poet.

3. Rhyme scheme: The rhyme scheme of the poem is ‘abcb’.

4. Favourite lines: My favourite lines from the poem are:
“I’m following in your footsteps
And I don’t want to fall.”

5. Theme / central idea: 
The importance of the father as a role model is the
central idea of the poem. The child in the poem wants to observe and imitate the life
led by his/her father. Hence the child requests the father to be more considerate
towards his/her needs.

6. Figure of speech: The figure of speech in the poem is ‘metaphor’.

7. Special Features: 
The poem is a dramatic monologue. Dramatic monologue is a kind of poem
in which a single character other than the poet speaks to a silent listener.
The speech does not reveal the poet’s own thoughts. Instead, the thoughts of the
character speaking are expressed. In this, a dramatic monologue differs from a lyric.

8. Why i like The Poem: I like the poem because it relates to our life somewhat. Also the reality it shows about the hard working father, and wordings are easy to understand.

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Walk a little slower poem appreciation

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