Appreciation of poem Cherry Tree class 11th

Cherry tree poem questions and answers

Appreciation of poem Cherry Tree class 11th

Cherry Tree

Eight years have passed
Since I placed my cherry seed in the grass.
“Must have a tree of my own,” I said,
And watered it once and went to bed
And forgot; but cherries have a way of growing,
Though no one's caring very much or knowing.
And suddenly that summer near the end of May,
I found a tree had come to stay.
It was very small, five months child,
Lost in the tall grass running wild.
Goats ate the leaves, the grass cutter scythe
Split it apart and a monsoon blight
Shrivelled the slender stem...... Even so,
Next spring I watched three new shoots grow,
The young tree struggle, upward thrust
Its arms in a fresh fierce lust

For light and air and sun.
I could only wait, as one
Who watched, wandering, while Time and the rain
Made a miracle from green growing pain.......
I went away next year-
Spent a season in Kashmir-
Came back thinner, rather poor,
But richer by a cherry tree at my door.
Six feet high my own dark cherry,
And I could scarcely believe it-a berry.
Ripened and jeweled in the sun,
Hung from a branch-just one!
And next year there were blossoms small
Pink, fragile, quick to fall
At the merest breath, the sleepiest breeze. .....
I lay on the grass, at ease,
Looking up through leaves at the blue
Blind sky, at the finches as they flew
And flitted through the dappled green.
While bees in an ecstasy drank
Of nectar from each bloom and the sun sank
Swiftly, and the stars turned in the sky,
And moon-moths and singing crickets and l
Yes, I! — praised Night and Stars and tree:
That small, the cherry, grown by me.
                                    - Ruskin Bond

Cherry tree poem questions and answers 

Appreciation of poem Cherry Tree class 11th, Cherry tree poem appreciation standard 11 

The sonnet "Cherry Tree' is about the writer Ruskin Bond's energy over a cherry tree whose seed he planted eight years back and the consistent development of the plant to a major tree, bearing delicate fruits. The presence of the tree is so significant for the artist that he has not thought of some other title however the basic Cherry Tree to cause the tree to show up exceptionally significant. The writer planted the seed of the cherry since he needed to claim a plant. The plant developed all alone absent a lot of care from anyone aside from nature and downpour, figured out how to battle despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and was at long last fruitful in bearing delicate berries. The artist, in the wake of spending a season in Kashmir, returned to get the astonishment of a six feet high cherry tree at his entryway. He felt so appended to the tree that he began spending extended periods of time, from first light to nightfall, in the organization of his cherry tree, viewing the widely varied vegetation around it and investing heavily for being liable for the presence of the tree. The artist utilized straightforward language to portray the birth and development of his cherry tree. The procedure is known to everything except the portrayal made it an intriguing story. The interesting expressions utilized are on the whole regular ones and straightforward. The magnificence of the nature can be delighted in and increased in value by the whole gang on account of the casual language. The artist has adhered to the subject of the cherry tree directly from the earliest starting point as far as possible of the sonnet. Ruskin Bond fundamentally composes for the kids and he has not done anything where a kid's consideration can be occupied from the cherry tree. The kid can without much of a stretch relate to the emotions and delights of the sonnet and this gives the sonnet its selectiveness. 

Be that as it may, the sonnet likewise has a something worth mulling over, a more profound importance of battle for endurance, characteristics expected to retaliate and be a victor, commitment, development and pride. The cherry's battle begins at an exceptionally youthful age he it seems troublesome due to its little estimate. In any case, as it grows up it learns, through experience, to be more grounded 

The comparable circumstance occurs in human life too. The learning procedure proceeds at each youthful stage life and makes an individual equipped for taking care of the afflictions as thoughtfully as could be expected under the circumstances. The writer is pleased the he has planted the cherry seed which presently gives him such a large amount of fulfillment as the guardians of a person 

feels seeing the achievement of their child.It gives me enormous delight to peruse and comprehend the excellence of the sonnet. The clearness in the language and the clarity of introduction assist me with getting a charge out of every single phase of the development of the cherry tree. I am ready to interface with its battle and feel related when it wins the race of life.


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