Appreciation of poem What is success

Appreciation of poem What is success

4.1. “What is Success?”

1. Title – The title of the poem is “What is Success?”

2. Poet/Author – The poem is Ralph Waldo Emerson.

3. Rhyme scheme – The poem has no rhyme scheme. It’s a free verse.

4. Favourite lines- My favourite lines from the poem are:
a) “To earn the appreciation of honest critics.”
b) “To find the best in others.”

5. Theme / central idea –
The poem is about success. Success gives happiness and
enthusiasm. A person who wants to be successful should have positive
attitude. He or she finds the best qualities in other people. A successful
person wants blessings for everyone.

6. Figure oF speech –
“To leave the world a bit better.”
Alliteration: sound ‘b’ is repeated.

7. Special Features –
The poem is a sonnet, (a poem of 14 lines) No rhyming words are
used in this poem. It's a free verse. The poet has used many infinitives.

8. Why i like The Poem – I like the poem because it is based on success. It definitely
helps us to achieve success by doing small things correctly.

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