Appreciation of poem The Planners class 11th

Appreciation of poem The Planners class 11th

About the poem/poet/title

Boey Kim Cheng is a Singapore – born Australian poet . The poem is about the planners / developers. The poem is in free verse form. It has no particular rhyme scheme. Title of the poem is self-explanatory.  


The poet describes the unstoppable force of modernisation in the poem. He memorises his past. He talks about the replacement of natural environment by the concrete jungle.

Poetic devices/language/style

The use of alliteration in the poem added rhythm. Extended metaphor of dentist makes the poem live. The poet has used paradox, climax, oxymoron and sarcasm in the poem.

Special feature / novelties/ focusing elements

The poet is nostalgic about his old city. When we come across modernisation around us we feel the echoes of his words.


In the name of modernisation the nature has been exploited. The people became helpless. 

Opinion about the poem  

The poem is a mirror to the modern society. In the beginning the poem depicts what the planners do. In the middle the poem describes what the planners achieve. Towards the end we come across how the poet is affected due to modernisation

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