Brainstorming of poem The sower class 11th

Brainstorming of poem The sower class 11th


(A1)  There are a number of challenges a farmer in India faces. Discuss with 
your friend, how it is possible to improve the condition of farmers.
Sr.No. Challenges Solutions
1. Water Scarcity Rain Water Harvesting
2. Credit and In-debtedness 
3. Land Issues
4. Climatic changes
5. Social Groups
6. Lack of advanced 
7. Diversification
8. Market Risks
(A2) The poet has observed the sower closely. Express in your own words the 
reverence the poet has for the sower.

(A3) The poet is prompted to call the sower an ‘august personality’ which means 
one who has reached the highest position in his work place. 
 Explain this using the following points.
• Hard work • Perseverance • Dedication 

(A4) (i) Pick out the examples of alliteration from the poem and write them down.
(ii) 'Seems to touch the starry skies'. The poet has used word imagery. Describe 
the idea and pick out other similar examples from the poem.

(A5) (i) Write an appreciation of the poem considering the following points:
 • About the poem/poet/title.
 • Theme
 • Poetic devices, language, style
 • Special features/ novelties/focussing elements
 • Values, message 
 • Your opinion about the poem

(ii) Write a summary of the poem using the following points:
 • Title
 • Introductory paragraph (about the poem, type, nature, tone)
 • Main body (central idea, gist of the poem)
 • Conclusion (opinion, views, appeal)
(iii) Compose a poem on a farmer in 4 to 6 lines in continuation of the
 He sweats
 He does not fret
 He sows
 To the soil he bows

(A6) Imagine that you are a farmer from a drought prone area. Write a letter
to a newspaper editor, discuss the problems and suggest possible solutions.

(A7) Agricultural is the principal occupation in Maharashtra that has many
career opportunities.
 (a) Agriculture Correspondent (b) Marketing Communications
 (c) Agricultural Policy Analyst (d) Farm Management
 (e) Soil Conservationist (f) Scientist- Krishi Vigyan Kendra
 (g) Machine Design Engineer (h) Zoologist
 (i) Veterinarian (j) Food Microbiologist
 (k) Horticulturist (l) Agricultural Economics
 Write in brief about the various career opportunities given above. You can
collect the information from the following universities.
 1. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
 2. Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Pune.
 3. Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola.

(A8) Project:
 Visit your college library or through web quest collect information on
‘Green Revolution’ and ‘White Revolution’ in our country

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