English Workshop Androcles and the Lion standard 8th

English Workshop Androcles and the Lion standard 8th

1. (A) Match the phrases in Column A with their meanings in Column B.
 Column A                           Column B
(1) looking out for            (a) anger reduced
(2) face to face                   (b) returned slowly
(3) summon up courage   (c) trying to search for
(4) rage melted                   (d) filled with soft                                                       feelings
(5) be moved by                  (e) try to be brave
                                                (f) in front of                                                          each other

Answers - (1) c (2) f (3) e (4) a (5) d

(B) Read the following sentences from the story.
(1) They were bound by law to obey their master.
(2) The kind man bound up the lions injured paw.
 (3) The lion bounded towards Androcles again.
 The word ‘bound’ carries 3 different meanings in each of the sentences.
 (a) rushed forward (b) forced to follow (c) tied up
 Put the correct letter a / b / c in the boxes according to the proper
(C) Now translate each of the three sentences (a,b,c) into your medium of

2. (A) Find from the story the Antonyms (opposite words) of the following.

(1) kind × cruel´
(2) poor × wealthy´

(3) slave × master´
(4) high × low´

(5) punishment × reward´
(6) unbound × bound ´

(7) tender ×  heartless´
(8) happy × unhappy

(B) Find from the story 5 words that describe the sounds made by the lion.

Answer - 1. Moaned
2. Whimpered
3. Roaring
4. Purr

3. Write the reactions that followed each of the actions given below.

(a) Androcles did not like his cruel master, so

(b) The lion looked at Androcles piteously, so

(c) Androcles bandaged the lion’s injured paw, so

(d) A hungry ferocious lion was released into the arena, so

(e) The lion reached Androcles and

(f) The emperor asked Androcles what other reward he would like, so

4. Write in your own words 3 to 4 sentences about each of the following.

(1) The condition of slaves in ancient Rome.

(2) Qualities of Androcles.

(3) Even wild animals can be our friends.

5. Narrate to your class, any short story about ‘Kindness to Animals’ (OR) How
animals can be kind to humans. Write down the story in your notebook. Give
it a title of your own.

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