English workshop Be the best standard 8th

English workshop Be the best standard 8th

1. Read the words / names given below. Put the big-sized/ bigger ones in the big
circle and the smaller ones in the small circle.
(muskie, tree, pine, lake, bass, bush, highway, scrub, rill, sun, star, trail)


In a small circle - scrub, bsush, bass, star, trail, rill

In a big circle - sun, pine, highway, lake, muskie, tree

2. Form groups of four. Read each stanza in the poem turn by turn.


3. Find and write the pairs of rhyming words from the poem.


a) crew - do

b) here- near

c) trail - fail

d) star - are.

4. Complete the following with appropriate words/ phrases from the poem.


(First one is done for you.)

(1) If you can't be a pine, be a scrub.

(2) If you can't be a tree, be a bush

(3) if you cant be muskie, be a bass.

(4) If you can't be a captain, you can be in


(5) if you cant be a Highway, be a trail.

(6) If you can't be the sun, be a star

Q5. Write whether the following are true or false


(1) All must be the Captains of the teams.

Ans- False

(2) A bit of grass can make the highway happier.

Ans - True

(3) We win or fail depending upon size or position.

Ans- False

(4) A scrub is found at the top of the hill.

Ans- False

(5) If your work is not important, don't do


Ans - False

(6) Whatever job you have, do your best.

Ans- True

6. Write an appreciation of the poem wit the help of the points given below.


(1) The title of the poem is. BE THE BEST

(2) The poem is written by DOUGLAS MALLOCH

(3) The poem has stanzas. Each stanza has FOUR lines.

(4) The lines that rhyme in each stanza, are FIRST


(5) The poet compares big things with SMALL THINGS

(6) IF YOU CANT BE is a repeated expression in the poem.

(7) The line I shall always remember is BE THE BEST OF WHATEVER YOU ARE!

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