Language study 2 standard 8th

Language study 2 standard 8th

1. Degrees of Comparison of Adjectives. Read the following sentences.

 (i) Yatin is strong.
 (ii) Amit is stronger than Yatin.
 (iii) Pravin is the strongest of all.
 In sentence (i) the Adjective ‘strong’ is in its simple form. It is called
 Positive Degree.
 In sentence (ii) the Adjective ‘stronger’ refers to a higher degree, when
there is a comparison of two nouns. It is called Comparative Degree.
 (-er is added to the basic adjective.)
 In sentence (iii) the adjective ‘strongest’ refers to the highest degree of
comparison of one with more than two nouns. It is called Superlative
Degree (-est is added to the basic adjective.)

l Fill in the gap in the table of Degrees of Comparison.
Positive Comparative Superlative
(1) kindest
(2) healthier
(3) near
(4) finer
(5) earliest
(6) small
(7) faster
(8) high

2. Adjectives which have more than two syllables (long words) take ‘more’
and ‘most’ before them to form Comparative and Superlative degrees.
For example : successful - Positive Degree
 more successful - Comparative Degree
 most successful - Superlative Degree
Give the Comparative and Superlative forms of :
Positive Comparative Superlative
(1) ancient
(2) special
(3) significant
(4) advanced
(5) accurate
3. When in a line of a poem human characteristics are given to something
non human, the Figure of Speech used is Personification.
For example : humming trees, running river, smiling flowers.
Find the examples of Personification from the poem.

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