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Workshop of miss slippery standard 8

Miss Slippery english workshop class 8th

Miss Slippery - Text lesson

Part 1

I got ready and went to school. In the first period, 
our class teacher, who taught us English, told us to 
take out our composition notebooks. I took out the 
mathematics notebook by mistake. I replaced it quickly 
but the teacher, perhaps, had kept her gaze fixed on 
me. She shouted, “Come here with your book, Sayali!” 

I obeyed her but her angry looks made my legs tremble 
and when I reached her chair, the notebook fell on her 
Some girls laughed loudly. The teacher thought that 
I had dropped the notebook on purpose. She stared at 
me with an all-devouring look. “Go and stand near 
your seat,” she yelled. I kept standing, punished for 
the whole period.
The next was History class and my favourite 
subject. The teacher had asked us to memorize the 
causes and effects of the Battle of Panipat. I was well-
prepared. She began testing all of us, one by one. 
When my turn came I went blank. The teacher gave 
me a stern stare, while I stood there stiff, still, with 
my head hanging down in shame. 
Mama and Papa continued their never-ending tiffs. 
P a p a u s e d e v e r y 
opportunity to express his 
annoyance. Mama on her 
part, did not allow any 
such occasion to slip 
without turning it into a 
vociferous quarrel. The 
quarrel was between the 
two, but the punishment 
inevitably descended
on a third one, that is 
me at school. Wherever 
and whenever I heard 
raised voices, I felt as 
if Mama and Papa were quarrelling. Sometimes, even in the midst of silence, 
Mama’s screams came piercing through my ears. And, 
whenever I heard Mama’s high-pitched yells, my legs 

One day, I was coming down the school stairs. 
Somebody from the top gave a frantic scream. I fell 
and came tumbling down about seven steps. My elbows 
and knees were badly bruised. My new frock was torn 
at the seams. When I reached home, Mama shouted, 
‘‘I am sick of you. When will you stop making me 
pay through my nose for such extravagant losses?”
Mother seized me by the arm, gave me a good 
jerk and seated me on the bed. She fetched an antiseptic 
lotion and applied it to my elbow and knees; but did 
not hug me. Within me lingered the yearning that she 
would hold me and console me! Even if she had given 
me just a sympathetic pat, my smarting limbs would 
have been soothed.
My younger brother was close by. As Mama walked 
away to the kitchen, he came and sat beside me. He 
placed his little hand on my arm and whispered, “Are 
you in great pain?” I hugged him tight and started 
crying again.
I used to walk quite cautiously, yet I would often 
stumble. One day, the class monitress announced,
“We’ll call her ‘Slippery’. Others slip on wet ground. 
Sayali manages to slip even on dry land.”
That provided the other girls of the class new scope 
for fun. They teased me with the new title every day. 
Soon, a verse was composed in my honour :
“Slippery! Slippery!
Slipping without muck!
Ask her the simplest question
No answer is your luck!’’

I lived in perpetual fear of everyone the girls, the 
teachers, the young and the old. When I was in class, 
I dared not move out and when I was outside, I was 
afraid of re-entering the class. Nor could I muster the
courage to speak to anyone. 

Part - 2

The bell had already rung when I reached the 
school. The teacher was in the classroom. I sought 
permission to enter. The teacher wore a frown on her 
face, but she let me enter and told me to see her in the teachers’ room, after the class. Her tone was not 
of annoyance or anger. Yet an unknown fear made me 
nervous. Reassuring myself that she was a kind-hearted 
teacher and would not punish me, I reached the teachers’
room with hesitant steps.
The teacher greeted me with a smile and asked me 
to sit by her side. Her tender tone turned my sighs into 
sobs. She pulled her chair close to mine and patting 
me on the head, said, “What makes you cry, my child? 
I haven’t said a word to you.” After a brief pause, 
she continued, “Tell me what your trouble is. Confide 
in me, for am I not like a sister to you? ‘‘A rare thrill
ran through my entire frame. For a moment I felt I 
should cling to her and cry and cry. Of course, I did 
not do so, but I kept gazing at her with tearful eyes.
Tenderly, teacher continued, “Do you know the 
meaning of didi? It means elder sister. Won’t you tell 
your sister your troubles? ‘‘Amid sobs I said, “The 
girls keep teasing me.” She laughed, ‘‘Why are you 
scared of them? If you cry like this, they will pester 
you all the more. So ignore them. Who is your friend?’’
I shook my head and teacher smiled. It seemed the 
teacher had poured her smile into my eyes. “Like to 
be my friend?’’ she said.
The bell rang. She rose. With a tender pat on my 
back, she said, “Listen! You were a sister alright! Now 
you are a friend too. But I like my friends to be brave. 
You’ve got to try to be brave. I’ll always stand by
you, rest assured, my little pal. Now rise and hop off 
to your class.’’
Excitement made my face flush – red-hot to the 
ear-tips. Never before had anyone lavished love on me 
thus and here was my teacher who had spontaneously
accepted me as a sister, a friend! I was beyond myself
with joy. I wanted to chuckle – to burst into near-
hysterical laughter.
On winged feet I ran to my class. Soon I was lost 
in a rare reverie. I forgot that I was sitting in a class 
of wild girls whose prime pastime was teasing me.
During the break, the water bottle that I was 
drinking from, fell on me and I got fully drenched. 
Right in front stood Maya and Chanda, laughing away 
to their hearts’ content. Chanda teased, “From the 
slippery hands of Slippery, the slippery bottle went slip, slip, slip!’’ “And now, let’s watch the fun,’’ said Veena.
I was squeezing the water out of my wet frock. 
Remembering the teacher’s words, I turned my back to 
them and ignored them completely. They were non-
plussed and went away. I sensed a feeling of victory. 
Before the school closed for the day, the teacher 
came to the classroom again and said to me, “From 
today, you are going to be responsible for bringing the 
register, chalk and duster every morning. Come, take 
this key, carry these notebooks to the teachers’ room. 
Count them and keep them in my drawer. Ask the peon 
to show you my drawer.”
My otherwise trembling legs were now filled with 
some miraculous strength. I rushed enthusiastically and 
completed the assigned job in a jiffy. When I placed 
the key on the teacher’s table, she looked at me and 
smiled. I smiled back.
I was thrilled from top to toe. I felt my little heart 
inflate with pride. I found no awkwardness in moving 
about in my still-wet frock. Nor was there any trace 
of fear, while returning home. 
- Adapted from the story by 
Popti Hiranandani

Workshop of miss slippery standard 8

Miss Slippery english workshop class 8th

1. Two different words are joined to form a new word with a new meaning. Such 
words are called Compound words. (Sometimes there is hyphen (-) between 
compound words.)
For example : homework or kind-hearted 
Pick out some Compound words from the lesson.


 (1) Notebook
(2) well-prepared
 (3) Classroom
(4) ear-tips
 (5) Non-plussed
(6) Still-wet

2. (A) Add the proper prefix to make the following words opposite in meaning.

 (1) obey x disobey
(2) sympathetic x  unsympathetic
 (3) honour x  dishonour
(4) afraid x  unafraid
(5) content x discontent

(B) Add suffix to convert the following words to Adjective forms.

 laugh = laughter
 thought = thoughtful
 forget = forgetful
 care =careful
 count  = counter
fear = fearful
 move = movable
tear = tearful
 punish  = punishment
joy = joyful

3. Find words / expressions from the story which are similar in meaning to.
 (1) very expensive = 
 (2) longing for  ...........................
 (3) could not remember at all  ...........................
(4) constant  ...........................
(5) gather all ones courage  ...........................
(6) filled and increased in size  ...........................
(7) paining badly  ...........................
(8) forced to pay a big amount of money  ...........................

4. Answer in short, in your own words.

(1) The history teacher had asked them to memorize it (WHAT?)
(2) Sayali’s new frock tore (HOW?)
(3) Sayali hugged him tight (WHO?)
(4) Sayali was called ‘slippery’ (WHY?)
(5) Teacher told Sayali to meet her in the teachers’ room (WHEN?)
(6) Teacher asked Sayali to carry the notebooks (WHERE?)

5. Divide the class in 2 groups with the help of your teacher and convert the story 
into a skit. Each group can take up one part of the story and later combine 
both the parts. Mention the following in your compilation. Present the skit in 
your class.
 (1) A new title            (2) Scenes          (3) Characters           
(4) Dialogues .          (5) Entry.           (6) Exit

6. Write what expressions does a person use in the following situations. 
(1) When a person gets a sudden fright.
 (2) When a person is very nervous.
 (3) When a person is tensed.
(4) When a person is very happy.
 (5) When a person is very confident.
 (6) When a person is very angry.
 (7) When a person is very sad.

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