Trees are the Kindest Things I Know - English workshop

Trees are the Kindest Things I Know - English workshop

1. Pick from the poem words that rhyme with the following words.
(a) fun 
(b) no 
(c) now 
(d) sight 
(e) fly 

2. Pick from the poem lines that create a picture in your mind.
(a) And in the Spring, new buds of green.

3. The poet refers to trees as the ‘Kindest Things’. From the poem pick out 5 
facts which prove the kindness of trees towards others.

4. Find words that describe the following.
(1) cows
(2) new buds
(3) sun
(4) lullaby
(5) trees

5. Pick out lines that mean the following.
(1) Trees provide shelter for animals : 
(2) Trees provide food for all : 
(3) Trees are most lovable : 
(4) Kids love to listen to songs from trees : 
(5) Trees live a simple life :

6. Think and write in your own words.

(1) What living things can cause harm to one another? Name any five.

(2) Why are trees called harmless?

(3) Hallowe’en is a festival celebrated in many western countries on 31st October.
What is the season there? Why do you think is there a need to burn leaves
on Hallowe’en?

(4) ‘They are the last to hold the light, when evening changes into night’. Which
part of the day is referred to in the above lines? Which part of the trees hold
the last light of the day?

7. Search for a short poem about ‘Trees’ in your mother tongue. Write it in your
notebook and translate any two stanzas from the poem into English.

8. Your neighbour is having a huge old banyan tree chopped down to make space
for another construction. Write an imaginary conversation between you and your
neighbour, trying to stop him from having it cut down.
Begin with the following :

Myself : Good morning, Sir ! I am very disturbed and upset to see you
 having this good old banyan tree chopped down.
Neighbour :

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