Excuses workshop, chit chat class 8th

Excuses workshop, chit chat class 8th

Chit chat - Excuses

Form groups and chat about the following.
(1) Do you come to school on time, everyday?
(2) What do you feel, when you are late?
(3) What action is taken in school, on late-comers?
(4) Do you give excuses for your late-coming? Are they true or fake?
(5) Why is punctuality so important in life?
Enjoy the jokes !
(1) (a) Teacher : Asif, why are you crawling into the class?
 Asif : I am sorry teacher. But yesterday you warned me not to
 walk into the class late. So ............
 (b) Teacher : Sharvari, you are regularly late to school. Don’t you feel
 ashamed? Why do you come to school so late?
 Sharvari : I am sorry, Madam. But on my way to school there is a
 road sign that says, ‘Go Slow’. And ma’am you have
 instructed us to always follow what road signs say.
 Can you underline the words in the joke that were used as excuses
for late-coming?
 Now discuss within groups and share some simple jokes about teachers
and students. Try to write one or two such jokes in your own words in
the above format.
(2) Reported Speech
 Speech or dialogues can be reported in 2 ways - Direct and Indirect.
When exact words of the speaker are reported we call it Direct speech. When
exact words of the speaker are not reported, but just its contents we call it.
Indirect speech.
Direct speech : Amar said, ‘‘I shall come to meet you tomorrow, Sanket.’’
Indirect speech : Amar told Sanket that he would go to meet him the
 next day.
Note down the changes you observe in the Indirect Speech.


Excuses ! (A Skit)

u In what sense was
Ritesh ‘early’?
l nothing short of :
 nothing less than
u What was the first
reason why Ritesh
was delayed?
l investigate : carry out
a systematic search to
discover truth about
some incident
l pavement : a footpath
of the sides of a road.
l groaning : making
painful sounds
l to deal with : to
Characters :
Ritesh : A school student
Mrs Sen : His class teacher
Scene : A classroom
Ritesh : May I come in, Madam ?
Mrs Sen : Now? Don’t you think you are early ?
Ritesh : Pardon, Ma’am ?
Mrs Sen : I mean for the second period. You are too
 early for the second period.
Ritesh : I am so sorry ! Ma’am, I’m really sorry.
 I started well in time from home, you won’t
 believe what happened.
Mrs Sen : Hmm, We’ll see. Let’s hear the story first.
 What happened? Nothing short of an
 earthquake, I ’m sure.
Ritesh : No, Ma’am, really, Ma’am. Honestly, Ma’am.
Mrs Sen : Go ahead. Go ahead.
Ritesh : I was walking to school as usual, I was half
 way down the narrow lane that leads to the
 market. Suddenly, I heard a scream from the
 main road.
Mrs Sen : And of course, you had to investigate !
Ritesh : Yes, Madam, I had to find out if someone
needed help. And sure enough, there was this
person lying near the pavement - he was
groaning with pain.
Mrs Sen : So, you took him to Dr Jadhav.
Ritesh : No, Ma’am, I didn’t get the chance. Just as I
reached that man, another man came running out
of the shop there, with a packet in his hand. And
the shopkeeper also ran out shouting, “Chor!
Chor! catch him!”
Mrs Sen : Amazing ! Quite a handful for you to deal with
and all at once ! What did you do then ?
Ritesh : Yes, Ma’am, but the most amazing thing
happened then. That man near the pavement-
he, too, got up and began to run with the thief.
Without losing a moment, I ran after them.
Mrs Sen : And then you caught them and took them to the
police station !
 We couldn’t do that, Ma’am. They just vanished
around the corner. All this happened so fast.
Mrs Sen : Then why are you late ?
Ritesh : That’s not all. I realized that I had left my bag
 at the shop in the mad rush. So I ran back to
 get it.
Mrs Sen : And it wasn’t there !
Ritesh : No, Ma’am, it was there all right, but there
 was a huge, hairy, brown dog sitting on it. I
 didn’t know what to do.
Ritesh :
Mrs Sen : Interesting ! A dog on a bag in a shop !
Ritesh : Yes, Ma’am. Even the shopkeeper was
surprised. He didn’t know where the dog
had come from. How that dog growled ! We
tried all kinds of things to make it move -
whistling and clapping, and showing him the
stick but he wouldn’t budge, and I couldn’t
leave without my school-bag.
Mrs Sen : But I see that you got your bag finally.
Ritesh : Yes, Ma’am. Finally the shopkeeper gave me
 some biscuits. I offered the biscuits to the dog
 and lured him away from the bag.
Mrs Sen : OK. So let’s say that accounts for fifteen

Ritesh : But there’s more, Ma’am. The poor dog 
began to follow me to school. It looked so 
poor and lonely and small.......
Mrs Sen : Small ? Did you say small ?
Ritesh : I mean young, Ma’am. It was big in size but 
it was only a puppy, really. And it looked lost. 
Maybe it was looking for its mother or owner 
and I thought it was asking for my help. So I 
began a enquire with the other shopkeepers and 
passers by, but nobody could tell and couldn’t 
leave it behind.
Mrs Sen : And then you found the owner ? Who was it ?
Ritesh : That’s the funny part, Ma’am. The puppy itself 
found the owner. It saw someone across the 
road and just bounded towards the person. I was 
so relieved. Then I turned and ran straight to 
Mrs Sen : Good boy ! Now that are your good deeds are 
done, there’s something else you can do. There’s 
a story-writing competition coming up. Would 
you like to send an entry ?
Ritesh : Who Ma’am ? Me, Ma’am ? Now..... I wouldn’t 
know what to write. I’m not good at making up 

Excuses workshop, chit chat class 8th

(1) Complete the following by inserting the correct words from the skit.
(1) The heavy load would not 
(2) The police arrived to the crime.
(3) My friend me to eat chocolates in the classroom.
(4) I was to find my lost notebooks.
(5) The injured child kept with pain.
(6) He stole the cash and in the dark night.
(2) Rearrange the order of the following events as per the narrator.
(1) The dog began to follow Ritesh to school.
(2) The groaning man joined the thief and ran away.
(3) A huge dog was sitting on Ritesh’s school - bag.
(4) Ritesh heard a scream from the main road.
(5) A thief came running out of a shop.
(6) A man, groaning, with pain was lying near the pavement.
(7) The dog refused to move.
(8) The dog itself found its owner.
(3) Discuss and write the answers in your own words.
(1) Were the excuses given by Ritesh for his late arrival, true? Give reasons for 
 your response.
(2) Did the teacher believe Ritesh’s stories? How do you know that?
(3) Why did the teacher suggest that Ritesh should enter the story-writing contest?
(4) What according to you is the best way to correct children, who are regularly late
 to school?
4. Report the following in Indirect Speech.
(1) Ritesh : May I come in, Madam?
(2) Mrs Sen : Ritesh, you are too early for the second period.
(3) Ritesh : I had left my bag at the shop.
(4) Ritesh : I am sorry, Ma’am!
(5) Mrs Sen : There’s a story - writing competition.
5. Imagine there is story-writing competition in your school. 
Frame a notice about the same, to be put up on a notice-board. 
Cover the following points.
l Name of the competition
l At what levels
l Date, Time and Venue
l Duration fixed for writing the story
l Points to be considered while judging winners.
l Prizes
l Contact person for participant entries.

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