Standard eight 8 Language study 2

Language Study 2

Standard eight 8 Language study 2

Present Tense Past Tense Past Participle
(1) break                    broke             broken
(2) do                           did                done
(3) go
(4) come
(5) sing
(6) bought
(7) drove
(8) fell
(9) known
(10) run
(11) seen
(12) taken

1. Some Verbs in English do not change in a regular pattern when their Tense
changes. These verbs are called Irregular Verbs. Fill the forms of verbs in the
following table. (Two are done for you.)

2. Read the following sentences.
(a) I was coming down the school stairs.
(b) Teacher has asked us to learn it up.
In sentence (a) the verb indicates an action that is continuous or in
progress at a particular time. (past/present/future)
• The verb is said to be in Continuous (Progressive) Tense.
 ‘was coming’ is an example of Past Continuous Tense.
 (Auxiliary verb + main verb + ing = Continuous Tense.)
 In sentence (b) the verb indicates an action that is complete at particular time
(past / present / future).
• The verb is then said to be in Perfect Tense.
 ‘has asked’ is said to be in Present Perfect Tense.
 (has / have / had + verb in Past Participle form - Perfect Tense)

3. (i) Fill up the table of Tenses using the verb ‘GIVE’.
Type of Tenses       Simple       Continuous
Perfect .   
Present       give       am / is / are giving .   
Past       gave.   
Future       shall / will
give .   
shall / will
have given

 (ii) Say whether the following sentences are in Continuous Tense or
 Perfect Tense.
 (1) I was entering the class.
 (2) The girls are teasing me.
 (3) I haven’t said a word to you.
 (4) Never before had anyone lavished love on me.
 (5) You are going to be responsible for it.
 (6) According to the teacher, I had dropped the notebook on purpose.
4. Turn the following sentences into Polite Requests.
Example : Show me the way to post office.
Would you please show me the way to post office?
(i) Take me to your teacher.
(ii) Tell me something about your school.
(iii) Give me the details about your extra curriculur activities.
(iv) Provide me the information about books in your school library.

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