Parts of speech

Parts of speech - parts of speech examples

There are 8 types of Parts of speech in English

1. Noun
2. Pronoun
3. Adjective
4. Verb
5. Adverb
6. Preposition
7. Conjunction
8. Interjection

1. Noun- A name given to any person, thing, place, feeling is called as Noun.

Ex. Person - Ram, Seeta, Ganesh, Abhijeet etc.
Thing - Fan, cooler, pen, book, car etc.
Place - Pune, Mumbai, India, Australia, Ganpati nagar etc.
Feeling - Love, anger, hunter, thurst, sadnees, happiness etc.

2. Pronoun - The word which is used instead of noun is called as pronoun.

Ex. I, we, you, he, she, it, they.
Possessive pronouns - My, our, his, her, its, their

Parts of speech examples - parts of speech definition 

Parts of speech in Hindi - parts of speech chart - parts of speech 8

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