Silver poem appreciation 9th class

Silver poem appreciation 9th class

Appreciation of poem Silver class 9

  • Title - Silver

  • Poet - Walter de la Mare

  • Rhyme scheme - aa, bb, cc, dd, ee, ff, gg.

  • Theme/ central Idea - The poet is describing the magical effects of silvery moonlight on a village site at night.

  • Favorite lines - couched in his kennel like a log. With paws of silver sleeps the dog.

  • Figure of speech - personification, 'This way and that she peers and sees.' here the moon is given a human quality of peering this way and that.

  • Special features/implied meaning etc. - The poem shows a beautiful scene in a countryside under the moonlight, the poem is very clear about different animal and objects reflecting the moonlight. The poet implies that the reflections of the same scene may be different at different times, depending on the light.

  • Why I like/don't like the poem - I like the poem because of its scenery description of pprtrays. The wording is beautiful like 'silver' and 'silvery', repeatedly.


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