Journey to the West - class 7

Journey to the West - class 7


1. List all the persons and characters mentioned in the story. 
Which of them are real ? Which are imaginary ?

2. Say whether the following sentences are right or wrong.
 The novel ‘Journey to the West’ is about a journey to western countries like 
England and America.
 In the days of Yuan Chwang travelling from China to India was not an easy 
 Yuan Chwang travelled to many parts of India.
 Yuan Chwang’s way back home was relatively easy.
 Gods and supernatural powers had helped Yuan Chwang in his quest.
 The three disciples of Yuan Chwang were three saints.
 The three disciples have supernatural powers.

3. Write any five features of Sun Wukong’s character that you like best.

4. Read : l  As big as a pillar l   As tiny as a needle
Now write more such phrases using your imagination.
l  As big as a l  As tiny as a l  As hard as a 
l  As soft as a l  As sweet as a l  As sharp as a 

5. You know that many times a letter or a group of letters is added before or after 
a word to make new words. A letter/a group of letters that is added before a word is 
called a prefix. A letter/group of letters that is added after a word is called a suffix.
The word to which a prefix or suffix is added is called a root or root word.
Let us look at some examples of roots, prefixes and suffixes.
6. Guess the meaning of : unfamiliar, unbelievable.
Now write the opposites of the following : 
unsafe, unimportant, uninteresting, unknown, unkind, unintelligent

Language Study

Common Nouns - 1

You know that some things, animals etc., that is, some common nouns can 
be counted. They are countable nouns. Some common nouns stand for something 
that cannot be counted. They are uncountable nouns. Countable nouns have two 
forms - singular and plural. Let us look at some examples.
Common nouns
 Countable nouns Uncountable nouns
Singular Plural 
word words 
country countries 
mile miles 
desert deserts 
mountain mountains 
road roads
story stories

 Find five countable nouns from the passage and write their singular and 
 plural forms.

 List the units that we use to measure the following : 

 water, milk, distance, weight.

Journey to the West - class 7 ENGLISH WORKSHOP

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