Appreciation of poem The world is mine

Appreciation of poem The world is mine

1) The title of the poem is “The World is Mine”.

2) The poet name is Joy Lovelet Crawford.

3) The rhyme scheme is:
Stanza 1 - aabcc
Stanza 2 - abbccdd
Stanza 3 - aabbcc
Stanza 4 - aaabb

4) Favourite Lines -
"With legs to take me where I’ll go
With eyes to see the sunsets glow
With ears to ear what I would know"

5) Theme/Central Idea -
The central idea of the poem is to be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about what we do not have. We have all been blessed in our own very way and we should always thank God for that. We should always look at the positive side of life rather than focusing on the negative.

6) Figures of Speech - Alliteration, Apostrophe, Hyperbole, Inversion.

7) Special features - This poem uses different rhyme schemes for each stanza. The number of lines also vary between five and six in each stanza. It is a beautiful poem that clearly shows us that each one of us is blessed by God and we should be grateful for what we have got.

8) I like this poem because it helps me be more positive about myself. I can see how I am blessed and from now on I will never complain about things I don't have and instead look at what I have been blessed with.

The world is mine poem appreciation

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