The twins poem Appreciation

Appreciation of poem The twins

1) The title of the poem is  “The Twins”.
2) The poet’s name is Henry Sambrooke Leigh.
3) The rhyme scheme is ababcdcd

4) Favourite Lines: "This fatal likeness even dogged

My footsteps, when at school, 
And I was always getting flogged, 
For John turned out a fool."

5) Theme/Central Idea:
The poem particularly discusses one of the siblings that feels he is enduring a result of the similarity with his twin. He believes he gets unreasonably rewarded or focused on as a result of the deeds of his sibling. The poem is humourous in nature and discusses twins in a cheerful way.

6) Figures of Speech: Alliteration, Hyperbole, Pun, Repetition.

7) Special features: This poem is cheerful and utilizes cleverness to accentuate its primary concerns. It has four passages, every one of them having eight lines. Due to having eight lines, the rhyme plan of the sonnet is ababcdcd. There is acceptable utilization of interesting expressions in this sonnet by the creator including play on words and overstatement.

8) I like this poem as it is very amusing and carefree. I am likewise entranced by the universe of twins and what they should feel with having somebody that looks so much such as themselves.

The focal thought of this poem is the physical likeness shared by indistinguishable twins that it can make disarray in the psyches of others. It shows the issues confronted by the twins themselves as well as by their families and companions in distinguishing every single one of them.

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