An Astrologer’s Day brainstorming

An Astrologer’s Day brainstorming 

brainstorming of an astrologer's day

(A1) (i) Given below are some descriptions. Discuss them with your partner and 
find out one word for each of them. An example is given for you.

(a) The scientific study of the universe and the objects in it, including stars,
planets, nebulae and galaxies
- Astronomy

(b) The study of the movements of the planets, Sun, Moon, and Stars in the
belief that these movements can have an influence on people's lives

(c) A prediction of what will happen in the future

(d) Scientific discipline that studies mental states and processes and behaviour
in humans and other animals

(ii) In the story we are told that the Town Hall Park was a remarkable place
in many ways for an astrologer to build his business. Discuss it in a group
and list the exceptional qualities of the place.

A surging crowd

(iii) The astrologer never opened his mouth till the other had spoken for at
least ten minutes. Discuss the reasons behind his act.

(a) He is good at reading the people.

(A2) (i) The tactics used by the astrologer to earn his wages are...

The Tactics
analysis of human troubles
(ii) An astrologer's appearance helps to create an impression on his clients.
Complete the following.
(a) The turban on his head

(iii) Read the following sentences and choose the correct one.

(a) The astrologer says that if Nayak does not leave his village again, he
would -
(1) return the money
(2) face danger
(3) go back home and stop looking for the man who tried to kill him
(4) not find the killer.

(b) According to the narrator the astrologer's success in his profession is
primarily due to -
(1) luck
(2) the bargains he drives
(3) his appearance
(4) his understanding of people.

(c) The story suggests that the astrologer's comments and observations please
people by -
(1) promising them success and good fortune
(2) proving, as time passes, to have been true
(3) flattering them or supporting their own views
(4) helping them to learn to solve their own problems.

(d) Guru Nayak consults the astrologer because he wants to -

(1) understand the past
(2) find out who the astrologer is
(3) make some money through a bet
(4) get the answer to a specific question.

(e) Guru Nayak is looking for the man who tried to kill him -
(1) to take revenge
(2) to get an apology
(3) to demand an explanation
(4) to prove that the man was unsuccessful.

(f) The astrologer's remark makes Guru Nayak feel all of the following
(1) relieved
(2) suspicious
(3) impressed
(4) disappointed.

(g) Reactions of the astrologer's wife to his news suggest that she -

(1) was unaware of his past
(2) has been worried about his safety
(3) has known him since he was young
(4) is concerned about her future with him.

(iv) Read the following sentences and find out True and False sentences. Correct
the False sentences.

(a) The astrologer gave a correct prediction to the client about his past that
he was stabbed, thrown into a well and left for dead.

(b) When the astrologer came to know that the man whom he killed is alive
he felt that he was relieved of his guilt.
(c) The astrologer tried to back out of the deal and talked about the client's

(d) The astrologer rescued himself from Guru Nayak's revenge.
(e) The moral of the story is that we must be responsible about what we
have done and should not run away from our mistakes.

(v) The astrologer has changed his appearance and his persona when he
arrived in the city. Give specific reasons.
(vi) 'The darkness load that was inside the astrologer has disappeared'. Through
this sentence, explain the significance of the title 'An Astrologer's Day'.

(vii) The astrologer feels relieved that Guru is not dead as it relieves a great
burden from him. Critically justify the statement and explain it.

(viii) The astrologer wins/gets the sympathy of criticism of the reader in the
end. Express your opinion with the support of the main story.

(ix) If we have to eradicate the superstitions and other ill practices from our
society, what steps would you like to suggest?

(x) In the story, astrologer has a great listening power. Listening helps in
developing good relations with people. Express your opinion.

An Astrologer’s Day questions and answers

(A3) (i) In the story, the following characters reveal their qualities through words 
and actions. Pick out the words that describe them from the box and write 
in the appropriate columns.
shrewd clever suspicious gullible 
arrogant demanding antagonistic quarrelsome
overconfident manipulative skeptical mystical 
smart caring protective sharp 
rational mean intuitive aggressive
worried cunning humanistic impetuous
Astrologer Guru Nayak Astrologer's wife
(1) shrewd

manipulative caring
(ii) Match the suffixes with the words and make nouns. One is done for you.
Word suffix noun
auction able auctioneer
enchant ure 
know ment 
prepare eer 
proceed ance 
appear ledge 
remark tion

(iii) 'An Astrologer's Day' has ironic elements where the astrologer pretends to
have 'supernatural knowledge' that coincidently turns out to be the truth.
Irony means a situation or statement characterized by a significant
difference between what is expected and what actually happens, or between
what is understood and what is meant.
Find out the examples of irony from the story and write them down. One
has been done for you.

(a) He knew no more of what was going to happen to others than he knew
what was going to happen to himself the next minute.
(iv) In the story, many Indian words are used.

• 'Cowrie shells'. This is an example of code-mixing.
Find out other such words from the story and write them down.

(v) There are some phrases where the word crown is used with different
shades of meaning. Use the following phrases to complete the sentences
meaningfully. One is done for you.
To crown the effect, he wound a saffron-coloured turban around his 

(a) The works of Shakespeare are the of English drama.
(b) Amitabh has given us awesome movies throughout five decades. But his
 is his performance in the movie 'Black'.
(c) In her pursuit of success, Radha has distanced herself from her family.
Her fame has become a real .
(d) They threw a wonderful party for me with costumes, games and
my favourite kind of ice cream.
(e) Medical science has great inventions, but organ transplantation is definitely
a for human beings.

(A4) (i) Word Usage

Use the words given in the brackets and rewrite the sentences.
(a) The power of his eyes was considerably enhanced. (enhancement)
(b) He had a working analysis of mankind’s troubles. (worked)
(c) He knew what was going to happen to himself next minute.(happening)
(d) If you find my answers satisfactory, will you give me five rupees?
(e) He shook his head regretfully. (regret)

(f) It was a bewildering crisscross of light rays. (bewildered)
(g) “I should have been dead if some passer-by had not chanced to peep into
the well,” exclaimed the other, overwhelmed by enthusiasm. (enthusiastically)
(h) You tried to kill him. (killing)
(i) I will prepare some nice stuff for her. (preparation)

(j) The other groaned on hearing it. (heard)

(A5) (i) Prepare a speech on Science and Superstitions.
(ii) Read the following proverbs. Share your views and expand the ideas.
(a) Actions speak louder than words.
(b) The face is the index of the mind.
(c) Speech is silver and silence is golden.
(d) Argument is the worst kind of communication.

(e) Attitudes are the real figures of speech.
(f) The wise man has long ears and a short tongue.

(A6) (i) Bill Naughton has written a collection of wonderful stories which you can 
read in his book ‘The Goal Keepers Revenge and Other Stories’. Read all 
the stories and discuss their theme/s with your partner. 

(ii) Read R.K. Narayan’s humorous collections of short stories and novels. Here
are some titles you can read.

(a) ‘Under The Banyan Tree’
(b) ‘The Doctor’s Word’
(c) ‘Lawley Road’
(d) ‘A Horse and Two Goats’
(e) ‘Gateman’s Gift’
(A7) Surf the internet and find out the career opportunities in Astronomy.

Questions and answers of An Astrologer’s Day 


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