3.3 E-mails class 11

 3.3 E-mails



(A1) Write an email to your friend who has not contacted you for a long time. 
Use the hints/language support from the text to compose your email. 

(A2) (i) Browse through the net and find out various types of emails and their 
(ii) Create your email account on any one of the email service providers 
(gmail, yahoo, rediff) and send at least 3/4 emails to your contacts.

(A3) Given below is a list of words used to develop a CV or a Resume. Prepare 
a CV/Resume of your own. 

• Personal Information

Name Address
 Telephone / E-mail Date of birth
 Nationality Marital status

• Work Experience

Experience/ Occupation / Position Employer / Employment History
Internships Activities and responsibilities

• Education

Education and Training Primary school
Secondary school Other qualification

• Personal Skills and Competencies

Competencies / Personal Competencies / Personal Skills/ Computer skills
Mother tongue/ Other languages / Foreign languages

(A4) (i) Browse on the net and gather a variety of templates to write a 'Curriculum 
(ii) Multinational companies expect a different type of Professional CV. Browse
through the net to gather information about it.

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