3.5 Film Review class 11th

 3.5 Film Review



(A1) (i) Every movie is worth critiquing. Describe in detail each point related with 
the film review with the help of the following web.
Plot analysis Characterization Cinematography
Music and Sound
Script Writer Acting Direction
The Genre

(ii) Discuss and explain the movie 'The Jungle Book' with the help of the 
following points.
 • Classic element.
 • Fantasy.
 • Photorealism
 • Blending of emotions
(iii) 'It all builds on the charm of the 1967 film, which by itself is a must 
watch for any child.'
 Explain this sentence in the context of the movie, focusing on the two given 
phrases- 'Charm of the 1967 film' and 'must watch'.
(A2) (i) Complete the following sentences. 
 The factors that have made 'The Jungle Book' a great movie are - 
 (a) It's a fantasy world of wonder.
(ii) The present review concludes with two words 'Heartwarming and enjoyable'. 
Write your opinion in about 100 to 150 words.
(A3) (i) 'Narnia' (part 1,2,3 and 4) is a film about 4 children who find a path to 
Narnia. Dissuss in your class, the special effects and direction. Write a 
review with the help of the following points in about 100 to 150 words.
(a) Story line
 (b) Producer
 (c) Director
 (d) Music Director
 (d) Characters/ casting (major and minor)
 (e) Setting / location 
 (f) Conflict
 (g) Message
 (h) Significance of the title.
(A4) (i) Form groups and try to write a script for a short film or documentary 
on any topic of your choice. The script must develop properly. You can 
take help of the following points. 
• choose a topic
• central theme

• the beginning, the middle and the end 
• the message 
(ii) Form groups and use the ICT lab of your Junior College to make a short-
film on the script that you have prepared. There are several soft-wares 
that can be used for editing. You can take professional help. One can 
upload his/her film on mediums like Youtube and submit the link to the 
subject teacher. 
(iii) There are ample career opportunities in film making and producing films.
 The following professions which require different professional skills, and 
write them accordingly.
Professions Professional skills
1. Actor-Male or Female Acting, voice modulation, Body 
language, facial expressions etc.
2. Director
3. Producer
4. Music-director
5. Script-writer
6. Lyrist
7. Cameramen
8. Cenamatographer
9. Set-designer
10. Costume-desingner
(A5) You must have heard about Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), 
Pune. It is India's top media Institute. It plays an important role in 
providing talent to commercial cinema, TV and web serials. Browse the 
internet and find information about other institutes in India and abroad, 
write it in your notebook.

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