3.6 The Art of Compering

 The Art of Compering


(A1) Imagine that you wish to organize a cultural event in your college. Prepare 
your own web-chart to indicate the qualities that you expect to have in a 
Good communication skills
Knowledge of the subject
Proper attire
Qualities of a 
compere for a 
cultural event
(A2) (i) Imagine that you are a compere of a ‘Prize Distribution Ceremony’ of 
your college. Write a script of the same.
 You can take help of the following points.
 1. Introduction – A brief introduction of the programme / function / show.
 2. Welcome speech – Welcome of all guests. 
 Felicitation – felicitation of the guests (the principal, vice principal etc.)
 3. Lighting the lamp
 4. Welcome song
 5. Main events
 6. Vote of thanks 
(ii) Mass media events often need comperes. Find out the area or sector in which 
a compere is a must. Write about the special skills needed to take up 
compering as a career and give some clues about how to acquire these skills.

(A3) Project:
 Make a list of functions/events/programmes/activities organized in your 
junior college. Choose three events and plan a programme schedule of 
your own. Prepare a script as well to show the associating role of the 
compere for a particular event. Make your own sequence and design a 
template for the same.

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