Interview class 11th



(A1) (i) Complete the following statements with the help of the text

 To learn about meditation, you have to see 


 Watch your thinking. Do not Do not 

 Begin to learn Just watch thought. Do not 

 (ii) Identify the incorrect statements from the following and correct them.

 (a) One wants others to change.

 (b) One can get rid of being ordinary.

 (c) Understanding the nature of greed does not ensure freedom from greed.

 (d) Learning is a finite process.

(A2) (i) Is an educated person the same as a degree holder?

 Make a list of the behaviours in educated people that you find unacceptable:

 (a)          (b) 

 (c)          (d)

(ii) Suggest what you would do in the following situations:

 (a) Your very close friend has been using a fake social media account to play 

pranks on others and is not ready to stop in spite of several attempts by 


 (b) You are going through a crisis that is making you short tempered and 

impatient, due to which you end up causing harm to your family and 

friends. They have started complaining about it quite often.

 (c) One particular friend of yours is always late for college, social functions, 

movies etc. and delays everyone.

 (d) You realise that you no longer want to pursue your studies in the stream 

you have selected.

(A3) (i) Consult the thesaurus and note down synonyms for 'ordinary'.

 (a) One synonym of ordinary is banal. 

 Eg. He finds English poetry very banal.

 (b) Similarly find the meaning and make use of the words trite, routine, 

cliched and regular in your own sentences.

(ii) Complete the table. One is done for you.

The World around you What we should aim to be

1. Callous. Caring for people, environment, life

2. Violent

3. Greedy

4. Corrupt

(iii) Note down ways in which you can make your life less ordinary in terms 


 (a) utilisation of time

 (b) pursuing goals other than material goals

 (c) nurturing relationships

 (d) being a better human being

(A4) (i) Place the given areas of questioning from the list in the appropriate 


 • future plans

 • inspiration

 • overcoming hurdles/ struggle

 • coach/ mentor/ guide/ teacher

 • message for the youngsters

• family support

 • alternate career choice

 • first or maiden award/ achievement /success /setbacks

 • turning point in life/ success formula/technique

Section of the interview Aspects to be covered

1. Introduction Welcoming/Greeting, Introduction of 

the guest/Occasion

2. Opening questions

3. Main body

4. Concluding questions

5. Summing up Concluding statement, Expressing 


 • You can add your points. 

(ii) ‘Once you begin to learn there is no end to learning’. Write your veiws 

on this statment.

(iii) You are a class representative and you are assigned by the principal of 

your college, to conduct an interview of a leading personality in a particular 

field. You have to conduct the interview with the help of the points in the 

table provided above.

(A5) (i) Form groups and discuss the following statements, in the context of the 


 ‘If he is indeed wise, he does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom, 

but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind’ Kahlil Gibran

(ii) ‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.’ 

Mahatma Gandhi

 Collect some more quotes on education by famous thinkers. 

(A6) Project:

 Read and prepare a small presentation in about 100 to 150 words on the 

ideas of any two philosophers given below. 

 • Sant Dnyaneshwar

 • Guatam Buddha

 • Aurobindo Ghosh

 • Kahlil Gibran

 • Socrates

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