Life poem class 9



1. Pick out from the poem, two lines each that reflect an optimistic (positive) attitude
and pessimistic (negative) attitude.
Optimism : (1) Pessimism : (1) 
(2) (2) 

2. Give other ‘-ly’ adverbs of similar meaning for the following.
Use a thesaurus if needed.
(a) rapidly g (e) manfully g     
(b) merrily g (f) fearlessly g
(c) gratefully g (g) gloriously g
(d) cheerily g (h) victoriously g

3. Pick out three examples of interrogation (rhetorical questions) from the poem.
(a) Explain in your own words the point that each one makes.
 Interrogation Explanation

(b) Explain the metaphor in the following lines :
(1) Oft a little morning rain
Foretells a pleasant day
(2) Sometimes there are clouds
(3) ... the shower will make the roses bloom
(4) Life’s sunny hours flit by

(c) Pick out four examples of personification. Write what is personified in each :
(1) (3)
(2) (4)

(d) ‘And calls our Best away’ is a gentle way of expressing the unpleasant idea
of a loved one dying. It is an example of euphemism. Think and write down 3
or 4 ways in which we can express the idea of ‘death’ in a tactful and gentle
(1) (3)
(2) (4)

4. ‘..... and that’s how I realised that courage and hope can help me
overcome any major mishap/problem in life.’ Write an episode /
experience from your own life that leads to the above conclusion.

5. Read : ‘The Psalm of Life’- a poem by H. W. Longfellow.

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