Money poem appreciation

Money poem appreciation

'Money' is an intelligent poem composed by W.H. Davies. He was a Welsh artist, known as the 'Vagrant artist'. Through this poem, the Poet has displayed his self-experienced way of thinking about Money and individual bliss.

The poem consists of five stanzas of four lines each. It has a basic account style. Similar sounding word usage, Antithesis, Inversion, Simile, Onomatopoeia and Repetition are the hyperbole utilized in this poem. The writer has utilized striking symbolism. For instance, 'spouses murmur, similar to honey bees' or 'came thumping throughout the day at my entryway' and afterward 'felt I like a kid that holds/A trumpet that he should not blow', these lines adequately present the visuals. The rhyme plan of the initial four verses is abcb and of the last refrain is abab.

The theme of the poem is the double part of Money. A rich man has numerous bogus companions and he needs obvious bliss. Though a helpless man has not many companions who are valid and genuine. Subsequently, he is advanced with goodness and satisfaction.

The message of the poem is that to encounter genuine bliss and joy one need not be rich and well off. It isn't required for the poor to get rich as vital it is for the rich to get poor. One can really appreciate genuine joy when one gets poor.

I like this poem since it uncovers the genuine worth of Money. It additionally explains the bogus and phony convictions about the rich and poor people. Understanding the genuine worth of individuals, genuine joy and worth of Money in an early age is really a gift. This poem surely shows a significant life-exercise to all.

Money poem appreciation

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