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The pulley poem appreciation

Appreciation of poem The Pulley

The title of the poem is 'The pulley'. The name of the poet is George Herbert.

The central idea of the poem is the reason for man's continuous restlessness in all his life. According to the poet, this is because God with held the quality of rest from man, so that man's thoughts would ultimately turn towards God, his creator. 

Each stanza of the poem has five lines.

The rhyme scheme of each verse is a-b-a-b-a.

Metaphor is the main figure of speech used in this poem. The 'glass of blessings' signifies the sum of all human qualities bestowed on man. The quality of 'rest' or 'Contentment' is implicitly compared to a 'jewel'.

The poem has a good message. And the message is that however, rich we may be or whatever the abundance of qualities we may have, we must turn our thougthts to God and always thank him for the so many blessings he has endowed on us.

My favourite line in this poem is 'Let him be rich and weary', This brings out the contradiction of man 's nature so well. Even the wealthiest man in the world finally gets tired and experiences discontentment. This is what God planned for man.

I like this poem very much because it teaches me not to be self -satisfied and contented but to always remember and thank God for all his blessings he has endowed on me.


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