Big Data Big Insights brainstorming

Big Data – Big Insights questions and answers

(A1) Youtube has many videos on various things. Listen to the uses and health 
benefits of 'Lemon' and share them with your friends.

(A2) (i) Make pointwise notes from the lesson regarding the uses of Big Data in 
the following application. Do not write complete sentences. 

 (a) Location Tracking - 
 (b) Health Care Industry -
 (c) Education Industry -


(ii) When you are asked for personal details on social media, what precautions
will you take? Discuss in pairs and write down.

(iii) Do you think all the data we receive is used for positive things? If 'No',
make a list of the negative things which can be done with the help of Big

(A3) Guess the meaning of the following idioms and phrases and use them in
sentences of your own. One is done for you.
One-size-fits-all – suitable for or used in all circumstances
The wrist watches have adjustable belts, so one- size- fits- all

(a) ‘Once in a blue moon’
(b) ‘One man army’
(c) ‘Once bitten twice shy’
(d) ‘One up on’

(A4) (i) Do as directed.
(a) Advertisers are one of the biggest players in Big Data.

(1) Begin the sentence with ‘Very few ………….’
(2) Use ‘bigger than’ and rewrite the sentence.
(b) No other diagnosis is as good as the diagnosis done with the help of Big

(1) Use ‘best’ and rewrite the sentence.
(2) Use ‘better than’ and rewrite the sentence.
(c) These internet giants provide the greatest data about people.

(1) Begin the sentence with ‘No other……..’
(2) Use ‘greater than’ and rewrite the sentence.
(ii) Read the sentence from the text.
New insights have enabled the banks and finance companies to come up with
suitable plans.

This sentence can be rewritten as 'New insights have enabled the banks as
well as finance companies to come up with suitable plans'.

Remember, 'as well as' serves the same purpose as that of co-ordinating the
conjunction 'and' in the sentence. When one of them is inserted in the sentence,
other should be removed

Big Data Big Insights questions and answers class 12

Use 'as well as', 'either ...... or' in the following sentences.

(a) Whatever activity we do online is recorded, monitored and analysed.

(b) Big Data has been useful in identifying and tracking the exact
location of a place.

(c) Weather sensors and satellites help us to understand the weather and
help in weather forecasting.
(d) Big Data helps in monitoring the outbreaks of epidemics and

(e) New insights have enabled the banks and finance companies to come
up with suitable plans.

(A5) (i) Interview the students of your class regarding the career they would like 
to pursue and the reason for selecting that particular career. Collect the 
data of your class and analyse the information you have collected.

(ii) To listen well is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well and is
essential to all true conversations. Form a group and have a group
discussion on the topic.

(a) Social Media - Curse or Boon
(b) Women Empowerment and Equality
(c) Climate Change

(A6) Find out job opportunities in the following areas and the skills required 
for them.

(a) Clinical Data Management (d) Data Operations and Research
(b) Network Operations (e) Data Entry Operation
(c) Data Processing

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